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The first offsprings of Kreppa frá Feti

The first offsprings after Kreppa frá Feti where showed this summer in FIZO. Two mares, 4 years old and 5 years old, they are fullsisters after Kiljan frá Steinnesi. They are very different even though they are fullsister – one is a fourgaiter but the other is fivegaiter.

Kreppa was showed 5 years old on Landsmót 2011 and got 8,23 in total. She scored 9 for neck and trot, 8,5 for tölt, willingness and form under rider, 7,5 for pace.

The older daughter is Kilja frá Feti, 5 years old fourgaiter, who got 8,11 for conformation and 8,08 for ridden abilities. She scored 9 for tölt, gallop, willingness and form under rider and 9,5 for canter. Kilja is a well raised and talented fourgaiter which we aim with on the round track in next years.



The young one is Mekkín frá Feti, 4 year old fivegaiter. She is a beauty, got 8,42 for conformation, 9 for neck and joints, 8,5 for head, back and proportions. For ridden abilities she got 8 for tölt and trot, 7 for pace, 8,5 for slow tölt, gallop and willingness. Total score is 8,04. Mekkín is a promising fivegaiter which will be exciting keep on training.