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Looking back on 2020

The year 2020 has truly been unusual in many ways but fortunately we enjoyed the privilege here at Fet, to be able to keep our day to day operations more or less normal. Like usually, spring and summer were the busiest as then we get to see the “winter harvest” reveal itself. 16 horses from Fet were fully evaluated in 2020 but 10 of them were in the breeding farm’s ownership when evaluated. 

This year’s crown jewel is Gefn frá Feti, a 7 year old mare out of Adam frá Ásmundarstöðum and Gjöf frá Feti. She received 8.50 for ridden abilities (among 9 for tölt, canter and general impression), 8.41 for conformation (among 9.5 for neck, withers and shoulders) and thus 8.47 in total. Worth mentioning, is that she received 8.77 for ridden abilities without pace.
Gefn was presented at the National breeding horse show at Hella (which was held since Landsmót got cancelled) in the class of 7 year old mares and older, where she became in the 9th place. She is truly an expressive mare with a lot of charisma, very well built and big (151 cm on stick). We look forward to get her first foal into the world this spring but she is pregnant with Skýr frá Skálakoti.

Gefn frá Feti

Gerpla, 9 years old sired by Dugur frá Þúfu í Landeyjum and Svartafjöður frá Feti receiveid 8.28 in total. She got 8.35 for conformation (among 9 for neck, withers and shoulders and hooves) and 8.24 for ridden abilities (among 9.5 for slow tölt and 9 for tölt, trot, rideability and general impression). As a 4-gaiter, Gerpla received 8.83 for ridden abilities. She has also performed in competitions but due to Covid there was less of it than planned. She has now been added to the herd of breeding mares at Fet but she is pregnant with the up and coming stallion, Draumur frá Feti, who will be introduced further below.

gerpla-feti-stor-qp9a3895Gerpla frá Feti

Malín, 7 years old sired by Kiljan frá Steinnesi and the honorary award mare Ösp frá Háholti received 8.31 in total. She received  7.95 for conformation and 8.50 for ridden abilities (among 9 for trot and rideability). Malín is an even 5-gaiter who was also added to the breeding mares last summer but she is pregnant with Þráinn frá Flagbjarnarholti.


Malín frá Feti

Dröfn, 6 years old sired by Ómur frá Kvistum and Kreppa frá Feti received 8.25 in total.  She is an expressive 4-gaiter who received 8.36 for conformation (among 9.5 for head and 9 for proportions) and 8.19 for ridden abilities (among 9.5 for tölt and rideability and 9 for general impression and slow tölt). For ridden abilities without pace therefore 8.77.

drofn-feti-stor-qp9a4928Dröfn frá Feti

Then two 5 year old mares got evaluated. Ilmur, sired by Eldur frá Torfunesi and Gréta frá Feti received 7.98 in total. She received 7.74 for conformation (among 9 for legs) and 8.10 for ridden abilities (among 9 for tölt). Her mark for ridden abilities without pace being 8.39.

Then it was Bylgja, sired by Erill frá Einhamri and Aþena frá Feti. She received 7.95 in total, 8.26 for conformation (among 9 for neck, withers and shoulders and back and crop) and 7.78 for ridden abilities but 8.29 for ridden abilities without pace. 

ilmur-feti-stor-qp9a2513Ilmur frá Feti

Four stallions from the farm and in our ownership also got evaluated. Andri frá Feti, 6 years old sired by Stáli frá Kjarri and Jónína frá Feti received 8.35 in total, 8.48 for conformation (among 9 for back and crop, proportions and hooves) and 8.28 for ridden abilities. Andri is an even 5-gaiter who got sold in the fall.

andri-feti-stor-qp9a5881Andri frá Feti

Draumur, 5 years old also out of Jónína frá Feti and Arion frá Eystra-Fróðholti received a good 4-gaiter assessment but he got 8.11 in t0tal. He received 8,07 for conformation (among 9 for hooves) and 8.12 for ridden abilities, that being 8.69 for ridden abilitis without pace (among 9.5 for tölt and 9 for rideability, general impression and slow tölt). Draumur is a really promising stallion we look forward to follow through in the future. 

draumur-feti-stor-qp9a2726Draumur frá Feti

Two other 5 years old stallions got evaluted but that were Háski, sired by Arion frá Eystra-Fróðholti and Kreppa frá Feti and Galdur, sired by Ómur frá Kvistum and Emilía frá Feti. Háski received 7.95 in total, 8.13 for conformation and 7.85 for ridden abilities but 8.36 for ridden abilities without pace (among 9 for rideability). Galdur is an even 5-gaiter who received 8.03 in total, 8.04 for conformation and 8.02 for ridden abilities.

haski-feti-stor-qp9a0338Háski frá Feti

galdur-feti-litil-qp9a6312Galdur frá Feti

Eight other horses who are no longer in Fet’s possession received good assessment, wether full evaluations or only conformation evaluations. Most noticeable was without a doubt Fenrir frá Feti, who is an exceptional 4-gaiter sired by Loki frá Selfossi and Fljóð frá Feti. Like most people know, he received 8.57 in total this summer, being a big and well built horse with 8.69 for conformation and 8.51 for ridden abilities but 9.15 for ridden abilities without pace.

fenrir-feti-stor-qp9a5815Fenrir frá Feti – who received 10 for canter

Fet also received the honour for the twentieth time to be nominated as the breeding farm of the year, which is of course a very valuable recognition of the breeding.

19 foals were born at Fet in 2020, sired by many of the most noticeable stallions. Most of the foals are out of Þráinn frá Flagbjarnarholti and Viðar frá Skeiðvöllum but furthermore out of Útherji frá Blesastöðum, Jarl frá Árbæjarhjáleigu, Skýr frá Skálakoti, Trymbill frá Stóra-Ási, Kveik frá Stangarlæk and Herkúles frá Ragnheiðarstöðum.


Now we have entered a new year and we look forward to take on 2021, with the hope that life will be a little but more normal as spring approaches!