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Breeding shows 2017

This year 15 horses from Fet were showed in FIZO, both here in Iceland and also abroad. 11 horses which we showed and then 4 horses we have sold abroad.

Average total score is 8.09. For conformation the average score is 8.23 – all of them got 1 price for conformation except one that got 7.99. 6 mares got 9 for neck,withers and shoulders.

Average score for riding abilities is 7.99 – 6 horses got 9 for tölt, 4 got 9 for spirit and 2 mares got 9 for general impression.

Average age is 5,6 years

Hildur frá Feti is the highest judged this year, like last year. She got 8,54 in total score, 8,62 for ridden abilities and 8,42 for conformation. Hildur is after Stormur frá Leirulæk and Fingurbjörg frá Feti. Hildur is an extremely sweet character but at the same time very powerful. She is always willing to work and ready to do anything for her rider. Hildur is one of our favorite and she is going into breeding this year, she is now pregnant with Stekkur frá Skák (8.66).


Hrísla frá Feti, 5 years old, was also showed this year. She got 7,92 in total as a fourgaiter, 9 for tölt, 8,5 for spirit and general impression. Hrísla is after Kvistur frá Skagaströnd (8.58) and Álsey frá Feti (8,04) which is one of the oldest breeding mares here on Fet and is still alive and kicking, 23 years old and pregnant.


Fífa frá Feti is 6 years old after Héðinn frá Feti (8.62) and Arndís frá Feti (8.21). She got 7.98 in total, 8,5 for gallop and general impression. Fífa has many good qualities that we what in our breeding and she had a date with Skýr frá Skálakoti (8.70) this summer.


Irpa frá Feti, 6 years old, got in total score 8.08, 9 for neck and 8,5 for tölt. She is after Ómur frá Kvistum (8.61) and Edda frá Feti (8.34). Irpa is big and beautiful fivegaiter, she measures 149 cm on the shoulders.


Brana frá Feti, 5 years old got 7.97 in total score, 9 for proportions and back and croup, 8,5 for tölt. She is after Héðinn frá Feti (8.62) and Fingurbjörg frá Feti, which makes her a sister of Hildur. Brana is sweet and calm, easy to handle.


This was the rest of the mares we showed this years. The other six you can read about in older news, Sigyn 4 years old 8,30, Mekkín 4 years old 8,04, Kilja 5 years old 8,09, Embla 5 years old 8,03, Ásdís 6 years old 8,13 and Nína 7 years old 8,20.