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Daughters of Jónína frá Feti

Three daughters of Jónína frá Feti where showed in FIZO this summer. Nína, Ásdís and Embla frá Feti, they are the 3 oldest offsprings after Jónína. Fun fact is that they where all showed the same day. We think that’s doesn’t happen very often that three sisters after the same mare are showed the same day, in the same breeding show. These sistes all got first price, but they are all very different, Nína is a supertölter, Ásdís is a good fourgaited mare with all gaites good and Emblaa is a pure fivegaited mare.  They all have that in common that they are all big and beautiful with good neck and shoulder.

Jónína got first price when she was first showed as a 4 year old, 8.17. Her highest judgment is 8.59 when she was 7 years old – 9.5 for tölt, willingness and form under rider. Jónína is the fourth highest judged fourgaiter in the world.

Nína frá Feti is the oldest, born 2010. She is after Ómur frá Kvistum. Nína was first showed when she was 4 years old and got very good judgement as a fourgaiter, 8.03. Her highest judgement is 8.20 in total, 8.35 for conformation and 8.10 for ridden abilities – 9 for tölt, willingness and form under rider, 9,5 for gallop. Nína has competed in couple of tölt competitions and has done really well. But this summer we decided to put her in breeding and the stallion we chose for her was Straumur frá Feti and thankfully she got pregnant just before Straumur went to his new home in Denmark. Hopefully this combination will give us a tölt machine.



Next in line is Ásdís, born 2011. Her father is the known stallion Orri frá Þúfa. Therefore Ásdís is a lot inbreeded, because Orri is also the grandfather of Jónína. Ásdís was first showed when she was 4 years old and got 7,77 as fourgaiter – 8 for all features except  8,5 for gallop. Ásdís is very big and has big movements and sometimes she reminds us of her mother. Her highest judgement she got this summer, 8.13 in total – 8.35 for conformation and 7,98 for ridden abilities, 9 for tölt and 8.5 for gallop, willingness, form under rider and walk. Ásdís is going into our breeding and the stallion we picked for her was the young and talented Boði frá Breiðholti (8.24).



Embla frá Feti is the third mare after Jónína. Her father is Kiljan frá Steinnesi. Embla is little bit different from her older sisters because she is a fivegaiter. She was showed in FIZO when she was 4 years old and got 7.83. This summer she got in total 8.03 – 8.22 for conformation and 7.91 for ridden abilities. Embla had a date with Ómur frá Kvistum this summer.